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Four specific services designed to diagnose a situation and quickly detect a solution in a short period of time. 

Envisioning Workshop

Envisioning Akuyari

Do you have a problem but not the solution?

You know you have a problem, but you don't identify it? You have it identified, but you can't see the solution?

How we can help you:

We listen and understand you and, with your input, we design and facilitate a session with proven methodology and success to detect the problem or solution..

To get what:

  • Reducing uncertainty with Problem-solving methodology.
  • Understanding the current situation and the different opportunities.
  • Codefine the different solutions.
  • Consensus on the direction to be taken and next steps.
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Voice of the Customer

Do you want to understand your customer better?

We provide you with the information you need to understand who your audience is, how they behave, their expectations, pain points and needs.

How we can help you:

We listen to you and understand the challenge. 10 interviews and outline the "people" with their needs and pain points, in order to raise the areas of opportunity for improvement.

To get what:

  • Gather information to make decisions..
  • Understand why a product/service is not working..
  • Open up to new markets..
  • Improve acquisition, satisfaction and retention..

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Expert UX Review

Análisis de la usabilidad

Do you want to improve your digital product/service?

Service designed to improve your user experience. Or understand why the sales or visits dropped.

How we can help you:

Based on established heuristic standards, we review the usability of your website, app or software to detect usability issues that compromise the user experience.

To get what:

  • Expert UX Review of your website, app, internal/external platform, digital watch…
  • Analysis of the problematic areas in the flow and refinement options.

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Expert CJ Review

Do you need an expert view over your customer journey?

Have you worked on CJ internally and need an external vision? The process proposed does not reflect the loyalty levers to work on? Do you need a map that can be worked on by all the departments of your company?

How we can help you:

We review the customer journey que ya tienes, analizando los datos que lo sustentan, y con ojos expertos de diseñadores we look for improvements en todos sus componentes: storyline, puntos de dolor, momentos de la verdad, línea emocional…

To get what:

  • Improvements on how the information is presented so that it can be used by all areas.
  • Definition of the critical path and the moments of truth.
  • Present the results of the previous research* in a clear and concise way, using the best practices of service design.

* There must be previous data for the execution of the service.

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