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La Misión Restaurants

The challenge
The owners of La Misión restaurants group, with many premises in Madrid and Miami, are curious, innovative, always looking for the best offering for their customers. In order to achieve that, a good menu is not enough, they look beyond.
The solution

With Eureka!, a two months mentoring program, we analyzed:

  • The values or specific characteristics of their restaurants, whichever makes them different.
  • How to apply those on the daily operations, understanding their customers journey from the moment they consider eating out until they leave the restaurant and share impressions with others.
  • Different types of customers, motivations when coming to the restaurant, life style and expectations.
  • The most agile and efficient way to run their internal projects (key for a constant innovation and adaptation to customers needs), understanding and learning a methodology with some internal communication routines.
  • The employees, their tasks and responsibilities, their training and human needs.

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