Because the Solution Lies in the Problem

At Akuyari, we believe that the solution lies in the question. That's why we investigate the essence of the problem to propose long-lasting solutions with business results. We design creative and feasible services and strategies, optimizing your costs and risks.


Akuyari - diseño de servicios y estrategias

Our clients' stories

Insurance | Innovation on offer

Through extensive research, we identified opportunities for creating attractive product offerings targeted at the senior public. By doing so, we help Reale Seguros adapt to its customers.

Energetics | Digital Customer Journey
We devise solutions and design a more effective future for Endesa's customers while implementing agile working and design methodologies in the organization.
Pharma | Design of the traveler's journey
We helped our client stand out in an increasingly competitive market by redesigning the Customer Journey of one of its products and defining the actions to be taken.


Strategic and Service Design, focused on people's experience.


We bring strategic and holistic vision to your business.

Our services and methodology adapt to the needs of each company, regardless of sector and size.

Customized solutions for your organization's specific challenges.

A mentoring service where we help you find simple solutions to complex problems.

Four specific services designed to define a specific problem and see the light at the end of the tunnel, in a very short time.


Companies that effectively organize and manage the customer experience can achieve:

an improvement of 20% percent in customer satisfaction
+ 5 %
an 15% increase in sales conversion
+ 0 %
a 30% lower cost to serve
- 10 %
and an increase of 30% in employee engagement
+ 0 %


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