Paciente - Farma - caso Akuyari


The challenge
Pharmas are now inmersed in the CX development for all the parties involved, all the chain from prescriptors and buyers to patients as the strategic element for survival and growth in an environment becoming more complex, atomised and commoditized.
The solution

In this case, for a global pharma, we developed the traveler's journey to understand the touchpoints (information, decision, execution) with a non-mandatory vaccine.

  • +30 interviews with different profiles in an exhaustive investigation and "personas" development
  • CJ as-is mapped with the evaluation, decision and vaccination critical moments
  • Ideation to improve the information and accompany the decision, prioritizing the initiatives that match some ongoing projects and/or were feasible according to legal restrictions, resources and business objectives
  • CJ to-be design with the prioritized initiatives and ongoing projects mapped
+ 0
prioritized initiatives
and mapped
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Cuustomer journey diseñado por Akuyari para su cliente de Farma.

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